How to Save Up to 80% on Your Energy Bills

With over 100’s of ways to save money on your energy bills, there will always be something that will suit you and your property.

Did you know that 25% of heat escapes through your roof? and around 35% will get through gaps in the walls, windows and doors.

What do solar panels do for you?

Solar electric panels provide electricity to your home by converting the energy of the sun’s rays into electricity. With prices from as little as £6,500 for a fully installed 2kWp system, there has never been a better time to buy. Make sure your home is suitable for solar energy panels, so it can maximise your efficiency.

Benefits of solar panels:

  • With the cost of solar panels falling and the introduction of Feed In Tariffs, there has never been a better time to install solar panels.
  • Help save the environment by cutting your carbon emissions. Solar power is a renewable form of energy so will not emit harmful pollutants.
  • There are no moving parts resulting in no maintenance.
  • The sun is inexhaustible. It will never run out meaning free energy for you forever.

Eco-rooflights provide light and saves you money all in one

Eco roof lights are triple-glazed and injected with Krypton Gas, this essentially maximises their energy efficiency, benefiting your household and your bills. With efficient ways of transforming your home becoming an increasingly popular industry, there are a huge number of trade markets that now supply such materials.

With a U-Value of 0.65 W/m2K, you know your flat roof will have the perfect rooflights to save you money, as well as providing that essential light for your home.

The addition of laminated glass combined with toughened glass in Eco lights is far more effective as the unit holds together rather than shattering into small pieces when broken.

Cut your energy bills with loft insulation

Loft areas are notorious for losing heat from your home – saving money on your energy bills can come at no cost, with the arrangement of a grant for proper loft insulation.

Current building regulations for new buildings require 10 inches (or 250mm) of loft insulation – we’d suggest you make 8 inches (or 200mm) your minimum benchmark. Mineral fibre quilt is available in 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm and 270mm thickness in widths to suit all joist spaces. If you live in an older building, the chances are that the loft and cavity wall insulation needs upgrading.

How much could I save?

You can regroup the cost of insulating your loft within a year through the reduced heating bills – making insulation a real cost saving measure in the long term. By installing a 270mm (10.5 inch) insulation layer you could save around £150 a year.

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